• Develop a deeper inner connection to yourself, so that you can live a more meaningful, fulfilled life true to you.

  • Develop a deeper connection with others

  • Feel more energised by understanding and implementing the universal laws of nature.

Embody Your Light is for ambitious go-getters struggling with a busy mind and uncertainty. This course will help you find freedom through energetic alignment. 

Embody Your Light is for You if...

-You get overwhelmed easily

- Part of you feels unworthy or not enough

-You know you are on this planet for more

- You want to make a difference, but you want to sort out your own baggage first.

- Your mind races and your emotions are all over the place.

- You have already achieved a lot - however, you are feeling stuck right now.

- You can be hard on yourself

As a result of this course, you will ...

- Have improved health, relationship, and career results.

- Have more energy

- Have a magnetic personality that people want to be around

- Have a bounce on your step

- Feeling at home in your skin

- Become your own best friend

- Radiate light and confidence

I used to struggle, for more years than I would like to admit, being my own worst critic and worst enemy. I was lazy, the queen of procrastination, and had a horrible relationship with myself. This affected every area of my life - my ability to focus and hold good relationships, I had poor health, and each day was a battle with my mind. Life looked okay on the outside but inside I was frustrated and unhappy. My emotions were all over the place.


I dedicated the past few years of my life to studying human optimization, metaphysics, energetics and vibration, and successful human beings. I trained in yoga, meditation, and spent a fortune on seminars and mentors. I was able to pick up a lot of knowledge and tools. I implemented what I learned, and transformed my own mindset. 

I have been able to become my own best friend now. I have fallen back in love with life. My relationships improved, I feel so calm and energized. I feel confident. (I never thought this would be possible for me). 

I also am having so much fun using the Law of Attraction to manifest what I want. (Bought my dream first home last year, and won a  holiday with my best friend this year.)

I am laughing more than ever before. Having more fun and feeling more successful than others.

I have helped my clients overcome their own baggage as well, and manifest their desires.

I want everyone to feel this way. It is your birthright to feel happy and joyful.

How would you like your life to look 9 - 12 months from now?






Nothing is going to change unless you do. So let's work together to help you step into your light, and live a life your truly love.

This is a fun 8-week course. The course is broken in 8 chapters, and a new chapter will be given to you each week.


What truly sets this course apart from any other, is that it is a FUN playful approach. We learn best when we are having fun ;)


The course includes:


-A transformative workbook (valued at £100)

- Guided meditations for sub-conscious reprogramming (valued at £90)

-Interactive video lessons (valued at £400)


Total value: £590


However, because this is the initial launch of the course, you can get it for an early bird rate of £197 for a limited time. 

How do you want to feel 8 weeks from now? What do you really want to accomplish?

You can click here to sign up: https://wildexpansion-s-school.thinkific.com/courses/embody-your-light

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