Metatronia Therapy® connects us to the One Source vibration.  It assists and accelerates the ascension process and uses sacred geometric codings, colour, light, and Universal light energy/frequency of the highest order.  Most work is done through the light body therefore healing is on the whole human vessel/body (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and celestial bodies).  It assists and is a wonderful support in the process of healing the ego mind which perceives itself as an individual, separate mind, and aligning it back to the One Divine Mind and Universal Heart.  This vibration links to Archangel Metatron and profound healing/realignment at a cellular level is possible as he scans your divine blueprint (soul's "stories").  He already knows what it is you require to heal.  The divine light codings that are brought in via Metatron are unique to each individual’s soul signature for healing and alignment to the unconditional love of Source. Metatron brings you to where you need to be in a loving, safe and gentle way. 

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