Calling all Soulful Impact Makers

Do you want to get more clients?


Later this month, I am hosting a programme and I’m looking for 7 motivated driven people who want to grow and scale their business.


If you:


  1. Have a business already, or have a business idea

  2. Are wanting to start seeing improved business results

  3. Have time to start working on your business this month

  4. Are willing to invest to get to the next level

  5. Are friendly and coachable


Soulful Impact Makers is an 8 Week Programme, designed for ambitious, driven individuals who want to create impact, serve others and create abundance in their own life. 


This programme combines science with spirituality to help you get your subconscious mind on board with every single goal and desire you have for your business. You will learn how to find and use your own authentic voice to create and grow a business true to you.


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