Medicine Drinks for Everyday Health

We all want to live long and healthy lives. We want to have energy when we are older, so we can continue having fun and feeling strong. Feeling happy and vibrant is our birthright.

So, how can we keep healthy?

Thinking positive thoughts, dancing, sleeping well, laughing, spending time in nature, meditating, exercise, and stretching all help.

There are also some incredible natural products that can help us feel good. 

In this article, you will discover some of my favorite products that I swear by. I take all of these products on a regular basis, and you will hear me talk about them on my podcast.

In the morning, I like to start my day off with Clay Powder in water.

Bentonite Clay powder naturally detoxes the body from toxins, when used regularly over a long period of time. It also helps stabilize the PH of the body.

The body works best when it is in a PH of 7.365.

Sugar, processed food, caffeine, and alcohol all cause acidity in the body. This can cause disease. To restore our PH, we can eat lots of organic vegetables and drink clay water, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Bentonite clay is also super useful to regulate bowel movements, drawing out the toxins of the body.

Some studies have also shown that clay powder can be beneficial at reducing breakouts of eczema.

Important tip: when mixing clay powder with water, use a wooden spoon. A metallic spoon will remove all the benefits of the electrical charge of the clay powder. Therefore, it is important a wooden spoon is used, to retain the properties of the clay.

Clay Powder is best consumed on an empty stomach. So first thing in the morning is a prime time.

When buying clay powder, ensure it is of premium quality and is food grade.

Here is the exact clay powder, and spoons that I use.

About 10 - 15 minutes after Clay Water, I will drink freshly squeezed lemon and ginger in hot water. (sometimes I will add apple cider vinegar).

This drink helps to nourish our cells with Vitamin C, and boost the immune system. I find this drink very cleansing. It helps detox the body, boosts energy levels and boosts metabolism.

Here is the lemon squeezer I use to ensure I get as much juice out of my lemons as possible, without the lemon seeds going into the drink.

Decaffeinated Coffee

Hot drinks are important to keep our body temperature warm, and our digestive fire going. This helps maintain a healthy metabolism. Hot drinks can be very comforting and nourishing.

I recently reduced caffeinated coffee and switched to decaffeinated. Too much caffeine can damage out thyroid and lymph nodes. Our thyroid is important as it is responsible for muscle and joint health, weight management, healthy menstrual cycle, bowel health, energy levels and healthy hair and skin.

Instead, I try to stick to decaffeinated coffee. I love having my coffee with Oatly Barista Milk. This milk is the tastiest, creamiest vegan milk your lips will ever experience. I could not have my coffee without it. 

For anyone who gets phelmy, IBS or eczema, consider replacing dairy milk with theis oat milk. There is a lot of research coming out showing that up to 75% of people are possibly lactose intolerant.(

Matcha Green Tea

Matcha green tea powder is also a love alternative hot drink. It boosts brain function, looks after liver health, may promote heart health, and is high in antioxidants. A little bit of this powder goes a long way. I whisk this powder with a bit of boiling water and a bit of oatly barista milk. Frothy heaven.

Mineral Drops 

If you have been a bit naughty over the weekend, and your body is craving out to be renourished, these mineral drops work wonders. I add a few drops of these to my water when I feel extra sluggish. Our cells all thrive when they have the right minerals, and that is when we function our best. These can also be good for remineralising your teeth.

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