Calm replacing anxiety, Cacao replacing coffee

I am currently sipping on a hot cacao drink, feeling really zen.

Usually in my mornings, (afternoons, or evenings). I would be sipping on a cup of coffee.

I do love the taste of coffee, but it doesn’t love me. Coffee causes me to get jittery and overwhelmed, so it’s time to change things up a bit, hence I am sipping on the hot cocoa now.

Do you ever feel pain or discomfort, like something isn’t right, and needs to change?

 I certainly do, when I drink coffee, spend too much time on my phone, not get enough sleep.

But yano what, that pain is actually a good thing. The pain is there as a way to communicate with us, that there are some lifestyle changes we need to make to feel better.

So, today I listened to that pain. I am sick of feeling jittery and discomfort, so I decided to not have a coffee, and have a cacao drink instead. And let me tell ya, I feel sooo calm and good right now.

Have you heard of cacao before? I never really knew how hugely beneficial it is, until my friend Chloe gave me some cacao a few weeks ago, she told that there are tremendous benefits of cacao, and it is even used in spiritual practices around the world in the form of “Cacao ceremonies”

So, being a little curious cat that I am, I did a bit of digging online, to find out more about the alleged power of cacao. Here is what I found:

Cacao has been used ceremonially for at least 5,00 thousand years by a number of South American groups. It is a metaphysical tool to help you connect with the energetic space of your heart, as well as the people around you.

It’s a powerful tool to go deeper in your inner work, whether its through journaling, visualisation or shamanic journeying. It also can assist with energetic healing and receiving clarity in the areas of love, purpose, intuitive abilities, career and personal growth.

It helps you understand yourself.

Cacao is known as "fruit of the gods”

Raw cacao is made by cold-pressing unroasted cacao beans. The process keeps the living enzymes in the cacao and removes the fat. (cacao butter).It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins & mineralsCacao dilates the cardiovascular system, opens up the blood vessels for a sense of alertness and relaxation at the same time.

I feel soo good and relaxed right now having drunk the cacao.

Here is how I made mine: 1 tablespoon of cacao1 teaspoon of coconut oil

A dash of cinnamon

Oat milk I added all these ingredients in a saucepan, heated it up and it is soo yum.

Have you made cacao before? If yes, I would love to hear what benefits you got from it.

If you are curious about trying it out, here is a link to buy some:

Love and light,


P.S, have you listened to the podcast episode this week with the amazing Desi Ivanova? In this episode, we dive deep into hypnosis, meditation, creating your life by design, Desi’s spiritual practice and how following her intuition, led Desi to her current career path. You can click here to listen now:


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