Get more money in 2019: Why 1% of the world's population own half of the world's wealth


1% of the world’s population own over half the world’s wealth.

Why is that? Keep reading.

Money is a taboo subject that isn’t really talked about.

Often, money can be associated negatively with greed and evil.

However, why not change your perception, and look at money as an abundant resource which can provide us with unlimited opportunities?

As a human being, it is our birth-right to have happiness and abundance.

Money makes the world go round.

Whether we want to stick our heads in the sand and pretend money doesn’t matter, or pretend that we can’t be both spiritual and financially rich is absolute bullshit.

We can be spiritual, kind and have financial abundance.

Why? Because the more wealth we have, the more doors open up for us. Most importantly, the more we can help serve others.

There is a plentiful supply of money out there in the world, there is plenty to go around.

I have been very curious about what makes people rich, I have read several books by the world’s richest people, dissecting their strategies. I want to share this information with you.

Here is what I found: there are no secrets to getting rich overnight. There are, however, proven systems to getting rich.

Here are some steps absolutely anyone can take:

1. Start a LISA

A LISA is a Lifetime Savings Account, that anyone can open, who hasn’t bought their first home. Basically, the government are encouraging young people in the UK to buy their own home. The government will give you 25% of free money for whatever you save. The only condition is that the money has to go towards your first home, or your pension.

So lets say you put £1,000 into this account a year. (£84/ month)

The government will give you £250.

Therefore, at the end of the year, you will have £1250.

If you could do this over the course of four years, at the end of it you will have £4000 saved of your own money, plus £1,000 of the government’s money, giving you £5,000.

2. Invest early & often

The single most important thing you can do to get rich is to invest as early as possible.

Let’s say you’re 25 years old. If you put away £10 a day, for the next 30 years, you will have £109,500 at the end of 30 years. That is with no interest, if you invest into a good account, chances are, that you will make some money from interest.

A good rule of thumb is to save 10% of your income.

3. Negotiate your bills

With a few phone calls, you can save £100’s pounds of your bills on insurance, phone-bills, etc. Tell them on the phone that you have been a great customer for X amount of years, and now you are pricing around as you are looking to get a great offer. You will be so surprised how much you can save but making a few phonecalls.

4. Create another stream of income

Use your creative brain and learn skills to grow as a person by starting your own business Turn the skills you already have into a business by teaching others what you know. This can be done through online courses or teaching workshops in real life.

You could also create a side-hustle. This is one of the fastest skills you have to get started in business. If you choose this option, you can quietly earn thousands of pounds per month on the side. I have a side hustle, where I don’t have any stock, inventory, premises to rent or staff to pay. It's all done online. I am always looking for ambitious people to join my team, so if you feel called for it, send me a message:


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