Why Wellness is Paramount to Millennial Success in the Workplace

The millennial generation is known as the 'snowflake generation'. We can get a bad reputation for being entitled.

However, we sensitive souls also have a lot we can bring to the table. We are passionate about positively contributing to society by doing meaningful work. We want to work productively and effectively, but in order to do this, we know that maintaining positive mental health is key.

Stress is costing the UK Economy an estimated £6.5 billion a year, causing 12.5 million working days to be lost.

The good news is, there is a solution – there are steps that business owners can take to improve workplace wellness, reduce stress and attract indispensable millennials.

I hope you are not rolling your keys hearing them words “Workplace Wellness”, that phrase is a buzzword these days, but have you actually stopped and thought about what it means for you?

As humans, we all have mental health that needs to be looked after. Science is proving that the better we feel (up in our heads), the more productive and effective we are at work.

Us millennials are spoilt for choice now in the workplace. We want to work in a nice environment, and the likes of Google and Facebook are leading the way in creating a pleasant workplace environment.

What does it all mean to you as a business owner?

As a business owner, your priority is likely to make money while providing great value to your clients. If you are running a medium- small business, it is unlikely that you have the funds to get an indoor ball pit like some companies or slides. However, there are some more affordable ways that you can look after your staff, which will result in tremendous employee satisfaction.

If you want your success to be sustainable, and retain highly valuable staff, it is important you take measures to look after your staff members.

Facilitating wellness in the workplace saves business money in the long run. It improves productivity and employee retention, whilst reducing absence rates in your business.

In order to create successful employees, it is important to facilitate growth and improvement opportunities for their growth.

Here are some ways that help train and retain highly effective staff:

1. Walk and talk. Turn meetings into walking meetings. You sit all day, so why not get the blood flowing and go on a walking meeting instead? Research has proven that meetings help encourage people to get their creative juices flowing. When you get back to the desk, you will be feeling more refreshed mentally & physically.

2. Sweat for a reason. Enter your team in a charity such as a relay race, 5k run or cycle. This will help strengthen the team dynamic and support a good cause. It will also help enhance staff morale. People want to feel like they are making a difference in the world and be healthy, and a charity fitness event will do just that.

3. Have a water cooler for staff. Drinking plenty of filtered water promotes hydration. This in turn provides staff with energy and a clear head so they are able to tackle the task at hand. Choosing the right type of water is important. Rocwell water is a great natural source of water if you are based in the U.K or Ireland. Alternatively, if you are somewhere in the world that does not have access to Rocwell, consider getting an Enagic ionized alkalised water system connected to the tap. (These are in every hospital in Japan, Donald Trump has one of these in each of his offices in America as he noted that these stopped people from getting sick.)

4. Consume healthy snacks in the workplace to keep you energised. Business owners could consider having schemes like giving employees a free piece of fruit on a Monday.

5. Create a small space in the office were people can take a 3-5minute mindfulness mediation break. Taken breaks are proven to actually help staff get more work done, and maintain a more resilient mindset, to not let stress get the better of them.

6. Provide a mindset talk to your organisation. Wild Expansion provides exceptional training to driven individuals, teams and companies, ensuring that they achieve tremendous improvement in productivity, effectiveness, drive & enthusiasm.

Do you have any other tips to boost staff productivity? Let me know.


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